High-Content Screening for AI-based Drug Discovery

We build an integrated platform where


Our platform benefits from new technologies that have been widely developed in recent years (AI, cellular imaging, robotization). The convergence of these technologies and the close collaboration of data scientists and biologists make it possible to create biological models of very large size and significance.

The predictive ability of Artificial Intelligence AI combined with the descriptive and explanatory capacity of Molecular Modeling MM, enriched with quantitative and functional High-Content Screening HCS is the platform of SYNSIGHT and what make us different.

We are always looking for more collaboration partners

who are interested in potential drug candidates for their specific diseases and in accessing to our technology.

Solve complex systems like Protein-Protein Interactions with our convergence
of High-Content Screening and Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate and unrisk your R&D

Understand the mode of action of your drug candidate in biological systems with the aid of Molecular Modeling


To learn more about partnering opportunities, please contact us info@synsight.net

December 2018
SYNSIGHT presents its activity to the 1st edition of Invest4biotech at Genopole among 12 start-ups. SYNSIGHT introduces its innovative drug discovery platform, which combines artificial intelligence, experimental, and computer-aided drug design to financial sponsors.
September 2018
SYNSIGHT is proud to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art structural/biophysics unit within the company. Our native AI-powered Computer-Aided Drug Discovery (CADD) expertise and this new experimental unit will enable us to lead integrated drug discovery programs, from virtual screening to experimental validation. This unit will be built and managed by just hired in September, Nicolas Babault, former team leader at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – New York City.
July 2018
SYNSIGHT attends to the 54th edition of RICT organized in Strasbourg, France. Guillaume Bollot (CSO) had the opportunity to exchange about new breakthroughs in drug discovery and new modalities for challenging targets.
May 2018
SYNSIGHT has received the certified Genopole as an innovative company in drug discovery and can integrate the incubator.
February 2018
Synsight is accepted to integrate NVIDIA Inception program with the goal of assisting AI Start-ups to transform industries with innovation using AI. NVIDIA Inception is a personalized program to get strategic advantages including hardware facilities, marketing, network and others services.
November 2018
The Netherlands embassy hosts SYNSIGHT for the Erasme-Descartes conference in collaboration with the French embassy. SYNSIGHT presents how AI is incorporated in its proprietary drug discovery platform.
September 2018
SYNSIGHT is honored to participate in AI for Health, in Paris on September 2018. During this exciting event, SYNSIGHT presented is activity and Cyril Bauvais (CEO) exchanged about its vision related to AI in drug discovery. Thank you, Damien Gromier for inviting us to this exciting event, and Pierre-Antoine Beaudouin, for the great debate!
June 2018
SYNSIGHT obtains the certificate of HEC Challenge+ dedicated to entrepreneurs of innovative companies. Cyril Bauvais and Guillaume Bollot present their elevator pitch after 9 months of formation at HEC Campus.
March 2018
The SYNSIGHT team continues to grow! Recently back to France after a post-doc at Scripps Research Institute, Dr. Pierrick Craveur just joined SYNSIGHT as R&D Project Manager to contribute to the drug discovery platform and R&D partnerships.
Cyril is a co-founder of Synsight. He holds a PhD in Chemoinformatics. From University Paris-Diderot (France) and undertook post-doctoral studies at the Pharmacy University of Chatenay-Malabry (France) and at Heidelberg University (Germany). He completed his scientific training with the HEC Challenge + Program for Management of innnovative companies. He worked in biotech company in Paris, where he oversaw development of in silico methods for toxicity prediction.
Pierrick CRAVEUR
Research Scientist / Bioinformatics & AI
He obtained his Ph.D. in Structural Bioinformatics from Paris Diderot University in the group of A. G. de Brevern. He then moved to the US to do a post-doctorate at the Scripps Research Institute at La Jolla in Olson's laboratory in Structural and Computational Integrative Biology. Pierrick worked in Biotechnology in France. He has joined the SYNSIGHT team as a Structural Bioinformatician and is responsible of Computer-Aided Drug Design platform.
PhD student / Biochemist
Asaki obtained a Master in biochemistry and a Master in fundamental microbiology at University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris (France). She is a PhD student with a collaboration between SYNSIGHT and the SABNP laboratory at University of Paris-Saclay, Evry-Val-d’Essone (France).
Patrick CURMI
Patrick is president of the University of Evry-val d’Essonne and previously served as director of the Structure and Activity of Normal and Pathological Biomolecules (SABNP) laboratory at INSERM. He has authored numerous international publications. Patrick Curmi is a member of the board member at the Neuroscience research pole Neuropôle Francilien (Île-de-France, France) and is a reviewer for many peer-reviewed international journals. Dr. Curmi helps define Synsight’s R&D strategy.
Guillaume BOLLOT
Guillaume is a co-founder of Synsight. He obtained his PhD in Computational Chemistry from University of Geneva (Switzerland) and did a post-doctoral researches at UCLA (USA). Back to France, he worked for a Parisian biotech company as manager of Computer-aided drug design platform and spent one year in HEC Challenge+ program Management of innnovative companies.
Research Scientist / Cell Biology and Biophysics
Nicolas obtained his PhD in structural biology at Institut Pasteur, Paris (France) in the group of Prof. N. Wolff. He then moved to the USA as a postdoc at Columbia University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He remained there as a leading group in J. Jin's laboratory for 5 years. He joined the SYNSIGHT team in September 2018 as a Structural and Cell Biologist and is responsible of High-Content Screening platform.
Research Scientist / Cell Biology
Hélène obtained her PhD in Life Sciences at the University Paris-Sud (France) in the group of Prof. C. Poüs. She moved to Belgium to work as associate research scientist in UCB Pharma under the supervision of Prof. G. Mairet-Coello. She recently joined the SYNSIGHT team as cellular biologist related to a postdoctoral funding of Genopole.
Denis Carniato is currently president and founder of DC2A Consulting, a provider of drug discovery & medicinal chemistry consulting services to pharma and start-up biotech. As a medicinal chemist with over 30 years of experience in drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry, Denis Carniato hold several positions as head of combinatorial and/or medicinal chemistry groups at Roussel-Uclaf, Hoechst-Marion-Roussel, Theramex and Merck-Serono. Then he became director of chemistry at Cytomics pharmaceuticals, a biotech specialized in oncology. During his career, Denis Carniato has contributed to put several drug candidates into pre-clinical and clinical development in the fields of endocrinology, bone diseases, diabetes and oncology.

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